1954The company “Oehler Maschinen” was founded by Mr. Herbert Oehler and his wife Marga.
1960Expansion of the company with an additional hall (assembly hall).
1974The company’s leading has been handed over to Mr. Manfred Oehler.
1980Expansion of the office building with exhibition room / shop.
1996The branch Triptis (Thüringen) was built on 10.000 sq.m. with room for vending, stock and offices on about 1.500 sq.m.
1996 / 1997Oehler startet to build vehicles on his own product range.
2001Expansion of the company’s headquarters in Windschläg by building a new ware house on 8.000 sq.m. (new logistics centre).
2004Building of a new assembly hall.
2008Building of a new production hall.
2011The company employes about 70 employees in its headquarters in Windschläg and about 300 employees world wide.
2014The company celebrated its jubilee of 60 years. The terrain in Windschläg was extended about 2500 sq.m. and the office building was renovated and stocked up e.g. to gain enough space for a room for seminars and meetings. This reconstruction was finished in summer 2014.